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TR280i gearbox problem


Hi, i have a 2012 model ossa tr280i that has developed a gearbox problem - leaning towards selector shaft.

I was out on a ride and noticed i couldn't change up gears, bike was still running fine and with no noises at all.

Bike is now stuck in 1st gear as i am unable to shift up at all.

Is this a common fault with the ossa's? Also are aftermarket / stronger shafts available?


The early gearboxes had an issue or two- but I can't remeber exactly what.

Pop the gearbox out and take a look- could be a shift fork, shift drum or selector shaft.
  Sometimes they can get bent with a hit to the shift lever.

When pulling the gearbox, make sure to heat the tiny little screws to break loose the locktite.
Take your time and carefully work them out. Don't use an impact- or you could break the tip off in the screw.

It is pretty easy once you get past that.
  (Also make sure to undo the 'clutch fixer nut')

I think there are some pics/tips here.



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