Author Topic: OSSA Explorer / Leon Takes 20th In Redbull Romantics  (Read 1577 times)


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OSSA Explorer / Leon Takes 20th In Redbull Romantics
« on: July 09, 2013, 12:21:18 PM »
Xavi Leon rode the Explorer to 20th place in the 2013 Redbull Romantics hard enduro.

Congrats Leon and OSSA!

Text from OSSA facebook page...

The end result of the first OSSA participation in the Red Bull Romaniacs was excellent, with a 20th final position, which shows the excellent qualities of the OSSA Explorer 2014, as its low weight compact size and great traction which show a perfect alternative to endure bikes that use to participate at this type of events. Moreover, it has proved more than the reliability of the OSSA, in such a harsh race as the Red Bull Romaniacs, where half of the participants have not even managed to finish, the Explorer with the rider Xavi Leon at the controls worked perfectly and both the engine and the chassis were without any problems during this grueling test. The OSSA rider finished the race with a 20th position despite missing the second day due to an injury sustained on the first day. And we highlight the excellent seventh place he achieved with the Explorer on qualifying day, a very difficult and technical test that the Explorer suited perfectly. On the third day, Xavi rejoined the race and finished 20th, still a tough day where half of the riders failed to finish. The Explorer was very consistent throughout the race and with a great performance on a day that was marked by rain, making it difficult to race with many very complicated muddy climbs. The last racing day, the OSSA rider was 20th again. It was a tough day for most riders, as the track had many steps and big ups. But this did not bother the rider, who said: