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Engine Temperature Readings - Seizure


Hi Everybody,
I'm an Ossa and trials related Newb. I recently purchased a 2015 Explorer. The bike seized and scored the cyl/piston with less than 2 hours on it, not even really broken it yet.  I finally got the cyl re-plated and bike put back together. It starts up and runs fine, but I'm not getting an engine temp readout, so I shut it down as soon as the fan comes on, as I don't want to risk seizing the engine again. The Manual says that engine temp reading is "optional". The head has a temp sensor and wires going up to the computer, so it seems I should have it.

Do any of your bikes read engine temp?  The ambient temp reads fine on mine, but when in engine temp mode there are just little bars there with a thermometer icon next to them.

In checking the resistance across the temp sensor, which I assume is an RTD, I'm reading a bit over 2,000 ohms at ambient and about 350 ohms when the engine gets up to temp and the fan comes on.  Does anybody have specs on what the resistance range should be here?

There is a chance that I have the temp sensor plugged into the wrong wires, as there are two plugs that are exactly the same in the same vicinity. I doubt this to be the case, as the wiring diagram I found (for an older 280i) shows a brown and a yellow/black wire going to the temp sensor, and that's what I'm plugged to.  I can't find what the other plug goes to on the wiring diagram though...

Any advice?  Anybody have a wiring diagram for the explorer? I also have an orange wire in that same area that I can't find a mate to.

Also, do the fans on your bikes run most of the time?  I'm not sure I got the root cause of the 1st seizure, so I'm afraid to run it after the fan starts. Not sure if coolant is even circulating.

Thanks in advance for any help.


My temp gauge never worked either.
  I don't think it is wired up.

The fan on mine comes on when it is warm.
  I can try to take some readings.

I've heard of one other Explorer seizing when new.
I think it was from running too hard when new.
They require a long break in.

Check the hoses and see if they get hot.

(What is your location?)

Thanks for the info, I wonder if anyone has a working engine temp reading. Good idea on feeling the hoses.
I'm in Okinawa, Japan. Had the bike shipped here from a dealer in Italy, who immediately stopped returning communications upon finding out the bike seized.

I do have a wiring diagram.
 PM me and I'll send it to you.

How where you running it?
   Idling around, high rpm, road?



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