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Transmission pics
« on: August 07, 2015, 11:10:32 PM »
I had a broken shift return spring.
Once I learned some of the tricks to remove (thanks Big Don).
1. heat those 5 tiny 3mm allen head bolts that hold the gearbox cassette in. Take your time!
3. Hold the little shaft (remove the breather- or later bikes the small bolt) in front of the countershaft. What fooled me is there is not a 'nut' shape inside or anything, just smooth. Jam a small Torx wrench in there and take the 'Clutch Fixer Nut' off the other side. IT IS LEFT HANDED!
Touque is only something like 5nm back on.

of course it is supposed to be in gear.
The side cover is a bit fiddly to get back in- just make sure to look at the Guide from OSSA Canada (I'll try to attatche it for future reference).

I adjusted the spring stop eccentric with the shift forks off- making sure the shift drum 'roller' snapped into each place best possible. If it is wrong it won't snap in and you will have to jiggle the shifter to make it work.
It is pretty easy- just take your time. What I did worked quite well. (they also have a 'cutaway' case the the gearbox can mount in and reach that adjustment with everything in place- but this works fine.)

on the weekend, near the end of the ride, I noticed the shifter not returning from being pushed down (worked fine after pulled up).
 So I figured a shifter return spring.

So a $5 spring and good inspection (replaced the countershaft bearing and seal while in there) and all back together working great.
There is an adjustment that needs to be made on the spring stop- but a bit of looking and I found out how- shifts great.

I thought some of you may like to see the gearbox- it is a pretty cool little setup (sorry for the dirt, I hadn't really cleaned things up yet)
2014 OSSA Explorer