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I'm working on servicing gone forks my Explorer.

  Even with the usual tricks the bottom om bolt just spins- before I try anything lose I'd lie, to get an. Exploded diagram or something of how the forks work.

I have not found Anything at addresses the Oll

As usual, I figured it out myself.

I made sure my air was up, the impact wrench set to full, compressed the forks more and the bottom screw came right out,

The forks are pretty crude inside, the fluid awful looking (well, 160 hours it would anyway).

I'm looking into option to improve them.I'll post some pics.


Does anyone know how much fork oil the forks take? I have '12 and just drained the oil from both legs. About 350cc came out of the right (rebound) and 310 cc out of the left (compression) side forks. The '14 manual says 230cc and 130cc. That is a big difference than what was in my '12. Help!

The TR and Explorer have different forks.
   I forget what  the manual said to use in mine- but that's what I used.

Worked ok.


gianni schena:

Hello ! Anyone out there that replaced the original Oll


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