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I installed my Clake II.
left hand rear brake, spring assisted clutch and keeping the footbrake.

I've only used it a bit so,far, but I think it will be great.

The brake can can operate the clutch also if you want, to a varying amount.
I really like a LHRB, since I can keep my feet where I want them and my hips straight with the bike.

That's an interesting bit of kit. I can understand what a hand operated rear brake does but how does it interact with the clutch? And why?
Any chance of a web link to Clake? I've Googled it and can't find anything.

See the little brass coloured knob? That allows the rear brake to actuate the clutch to any amount if you wish.

The reason is to keep from stalling the bike if just using the LHRB lever.
You can have it affect the clutch or not- quickly adjustable.

I can see many times where it would be nice.


I've taken it on a couple of rides- works great!

   I find I often will use the  forefinger for both- keep to the right for the clutch, move to the left for the rear brake. For fine control, a finger on each.

Works really well for trails- never even use the footbrKe anymore. I can keep my body/feet better positions.


I did a trial with the new Clake II Sunday.
  I somehow got some air in the footbrake (could be the mud that gets in it caused some leaked, since it was good initially)- so I never used the footbrake all day, just the LHRB.

It worked really well!
I could keep my feet where I wanted them (in the air sometimes) and have a super feel for the rear brake at all times.
I had it so the rear break lever would actuate the clutch (although not fully).
One section with a very tight (for me) uphill turn with a narrow path between two trees...I could just use a finger on the brake (which slipped the clutch) and balance while easing through the gap. Cleaned it finally!

   I like it!

Plus I liked the super easy pull for long days- not a big difference for he trials I've been doing,  it a long trail ride I notice.

I am very much a trials novice, so take what I say in that in mind.
I did get second in the class (first looser)



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