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Odd rear brake issue- solved
« on: February 15, 2014, 09:49:51 PM »
My rear brake was getting low. I thought maybe I got air I the lines since the rear brake master fills up with mud (the end is oval, and the factory seal fit really loosely- still working on best solution).

So I bled it- didn't work, I bled it using every trick I know- except one since I can't with be dumb vertical mounted master.
 I couldn't believe that a simple brake would get the  better of me.

Finally I noticed that if I had the caliper just sitting on the disc it worked perfectly.
Mounted, it would push the disc one way behind the caliper  the other way in front.
The darn caliper was mounted at a slight angle to the disc- to the disc would push the pistons back in after every application! No air at  all.

I'm. Not sure what happened,I've never even dropped the bike in the 50 hours I've ridden it. I must have hit it on a rock/root/stump or something.
  So I spent awhile 'adjusting the mount,finally  getting it really close. And I have a good rear brake again!

I don't like the caliper mount at all anyway, since to pull the wheel you need to unbolt the caliper- there is a spacer built into the mount- so it can't slide off. I'm going to look into coming up with something better. It would be an extra hassle if you had to remote the wheel out on the trail.

I thought I'd pass it along, in case someone else has the issue, it could save a bunch of time.

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