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I've noticed a lot of discussion regarding tranny fluids.  I can share what I've learned thus far: 1. Correct capacity is 450cc per Adrian at Lewisport. 2. The drain bolt under the shifter does not drain the whole gear case, I also remove the 7 o'clock bolt from the clutch cover - it's a small bolt and it takes a while but does drain out.  It obviously helps if the bike is warm.  3. I've tried Amsoil 75w-90 gear oil, Redline type F ATF and Maxima 0w-10 in the gear box with the ATF giving the best clutch "bite" and the least clutch drag but it must be changed often.  The Maxima is a close second place and seems to last longer between changes.  4.  This bike rips!!!

Cool - thanks BG

I'm happy with the PJ1 Clutch Tuner Ultralight oil I've been using.

Maxima 0/10w is all we use in the ossa...450cc

Hi Just bitten the bullet and bought myself a 2014 TR300i (not ridden yet)

Want to give it a service etc. first.

Oil ive ordered for the transmission is......Fully Synthetic Millers EE 75w90 Nanodrive .

               Will the above be OK to try ?????

               Cheers, Craig.


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