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The early OSSA Explorers and trials bikes had a problem with 6th gear being too soft. Originally they thought this was a hardness problem with the gear, due to a transmission manufacturer switch, but it turns out it was a problem with the amount of oil.  350ml is too little.

Adrian at OSSA USA (LewisSport) suggest the following:

(1) open both drain plug
(2) loosen the screws on the clutch cover a few turns
(3) depress the clutch lever to crack the case
(4) let it all drain out.  Tilt the bike all over to help it drain.
(5) fill with 450ml (yes 4-5-0 millilitres) of Maxima Extra4 0W-10 Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil

This will put the oil level above the sight glass - do not use the sight glass as a gauge for the amount of oil.

Maxima Extra4 0W-10 Synthetic Motorcycle Engine Oil is near impossible to get in Canada.

Adrian says that an ATF Type F is suitable, but must be changed often - at least every 10 hours. Dave at GasGas Canada uses AMSOil Super Shift Type F ATF Fluid.

For the UK, Nigel from OSSA UK recommends Putoline gp10 or putoline nano tech.

amazon won't ship to Canada?

Make a trip over to Port Angeles- the local shop gets it for me. You could pick up a big batch and go for a great mountain ride!


Yeah that'd be fun, but its a bit expensive, cause I'd have to take the truck over ($120 round trip) - the OSSA is not street legal in BC. 

...but I would not be adverse to you coming here and bringing a case with you!

Will the Maxima 0w10 Ultra4 and Extra4 both work? Is there much difference?


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